Hello LiveMockups !

On September 27, 2010, in Uncategorized, by admin

Let’s open this blog to talk about our simple idea behind LiveMockups, and to demonstrate how this App works. First of all, we are a small french company that develop mobile applications, so we need to make user interfaces adapted for mobile devices (small screen…).

Designing user-interface is pretty simple nowadays , there are many tools available (open source or not). As we have been surprised by the Balsamiq Mockups tool, we choose to use it because the pencil rendering is very close to what we can do using paper. This app is also very simple to use, so many people can design user interfaces.

As we think that such a tool is very useful for making better applications, we got the idea (others may have got it before) to test mockups chaining directly onto our devices. It is possible from an interactive pdf generated by Balsamiq, but it’s not sufficient for us. So we take the time to write some code for that.