LiveMockups is a simple couple of application developed by Openium, a small french company specialized in mobile app development.
We think that mockups or wireframes are a good way to make apps more cool and user friendly. So this app try to let you verify that your mockups are chaining well.
Do not hesitate to contact us (livemockups_at_openium_dot_fr) if you have remarks or recommandations.

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  1. Frederyck says:


    I’m a quite intersted about ur solution of viewing Balsamiq mockup’s on iPad or iPhone, so i tryed ur converter on windows system but it doesn’t work…

    1st i tryed with sample called “other” in ur zip solution and it give me this error “Error message: x lies outside the raster” …

    Then i tryed with my own solution and doesn’t work too: “Error message: No control with iScreenPortait or iScreenLandscape customID found in xxxx.bmml”

    I’m designing a website, so i could i make it works ?


  2. Chris Lees says:

    I’ve just downloaded (and paid for!) this app which sounds great. However, the very first Balsamiq model I try to convert fails! Please help. The error occurs when clicking the “Generate LiveMockup File” and are quite verbose, but the key message seems to be:

    Error message: Cannot construct com.balsamiq.ControlProperties : Class com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.PureJavaReflectionProvider can not access member of class com.balsamiq.ControlProperties with modifiers “public”

    Can you help (or provide a refund?) – thanks!


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